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Eaton ConnectUPS-BD

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  • 5010050870
  • Prod. art. nr.
  • 116750222-001


Network managers need products that give them maximum control of their power environment, and protect their systems from the harmful effects of power irregularities. The ConnectUPS-BD adapters fill a critical market need to be able to remotely monitor the power environment and gracefully shut down protected computer systems with a mixture of various operating systems. ConnectUPS SNMP/Web adapters expand your control and visibility throughout the network, and allow you to track power-related problems anywhere on the network. Along with managing the servers, routers, hubs and other network devices, the UPS can also be monitored and controlled.ConnectUPS SNMP/Web adapter compatibility means that you can simplify your management process by using a web browser such as Netscape or Internet Explorer. The adapters also provide HTTP, Telnet and SNMP compatibility, further enhancing control of power network-wide. ConnectUPS adapters provide a self-contained link between the UPS and Ethernet LAN/WAN, allowing your UPSs to be controlled from the next room, building, state, or even the next country - without putting additional overhead on any server. These dedicated adapters provide the essential network connection and pathway between the UPS and any popular web browser or network management platform. ConnectUPS SNMP/Web adapters also control automatic shutdown of protected computer systems with the use of NetWatch client software. In addition, these adapters offer an e-mail notification feature to provide real-time notification of events.


Produsent Eaton Corporation
Antall pakker 1
Modell ConnectUPS-BD
Produktserie Eaton
Nettverk og kommunikasjon
Tilkoblingsteknologi Kablet
Dataforbindelseprotokoll 10Mb LAN, 100Mb LAN
Transportprotokoll TCP/IP, UDP/IP, ARP, SMTP, BOOTP, DHCP, RARP
Protokoll for fjernstyrt administrasjon SNMP, Telnet, HTTP, WAP, TFTP, SSH, SNMP, WAP, TFTP, SSH, Telnet, HTTP
Dataoverføringshastighet 100 Mbps
Nettverksfunksjoner DHCP support, BOOTP support, RARP support, ARP support
Støtte for operativsystem UNIX, Novell NetWare, Linux, Apple MacOS X, Microsoft Windows
Min. driftstemperatur 0 °C
Maks. driftstemperatur 40 °C
Luftfuktighet ved drift 10 - 80% (non-condensing)
Ekspansjon / Tilkoplinger
Tilkoblinger 1 x 100Base-TX - RJ-45 ¦ 1 x RS-232 - RJ-45
Størrelser og vekt
Yttermål Bredde 8.1 cm
Yttermål dybde 13.4 cm
Yttermål Høyde 3.3 cm
Vekt 0.2 kg
Nettverkstilknytning / Grensesnitts(databuss)-type BestDock-spor
Nettverkstype Adapter for fjernstyrt administrasjon
Krypteringsalgoritme SSL
Nettverkstilknytning / Kabelføringstype Ethernet 10Base-T, Ethernet 100Base-TX
Form Factor Plug-in module