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Avery Merkelapper

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  • L7551-25


Colored envelope, patterned paper or gift boxes - whatever packaging you are using you want to make sure important mail doesn't get lost in the post. Adding your return address to a mini label and placing on the back of a parcel will help the postal companies to send undelivered mail back to you. However mail dropping through a letterbox could be the first impression a company gets of you so you need to make sure it looks professional. A clear mini label is the best way to achieve this as it blends in to colored backgrounds for a printed look.


Bruksområde Adresse tag
Avrundede hjørner Ja
Label Specification
Label Color Clear
Print Technology Laser
Label Quality Matte
Type of Adhesive Permanent
Label Material Polyester Film
Label Type Sheet
Label Size
Label Width 38.1 mm
Label Height 21.2 mm
Number of labels sheet/roll 65 pcs
Numbers of Sheets 25 pcs