Sigma AF 8/3.5 EX Fisheye Canon

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Raske fakta

Sigma EX
Objektivsystem / Type
Min. brennvidde
8 mm


  • Offers Sigma's OS System allowing handheld photography even in low light situation
  • HSM (Hyper-Sonic Motor) ensures a quiet and high speed auto focus
  • FLD glass elements with performance equal to fluorite glass for compensate for color aberration
  • Ultra compact with overall length of just 3.6"


This large aperture F3.5 circular fisheye lens with close up capability is optimized for use with digital SLR cameras.The advent of digital SLR's requires optimum lens performance and therefore the very latest optical technology has been incorporated in the production of the medium telephoto macro lens. The 70mm focal length gives an equivalent field of view to Sigma's popular 105mm macro lens when used on digital SLR cameras with an APS-C size image sensor. The design of this lens makes it suitable for taking pictures in all situations both with natural light conditions or flash.


Objektivtype Fisheye
Objektivfattning Canon EF
Zoom og fokus
Zoom Nei
Autofokus Ja
Manuell fokus Ja
Minste fokuseringsavstand 135 mm
Minimal brennvidde 8 mm
Maksimal brennvidde 8 mm
Maksimal blender 3,5 f/
Minimal blender 22 f/
Optisk bildestabilisator Nei
Linsedeksel inkludert Ja
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