Verbatim Archival Grade

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Verbatim's DVD-R was designed to meet the needs of uses who demand a higher capacity. Therefore designed primarily for businesses and consumers for data archiving and one-time video recording.Professionals working with large image files, for example, will immediately discover advantages such as the ability to have an entire picture library on one disc, while sharing large multimedia files will no longer be a problem. Home-users will be able to edit, organize, share and preserve their memories on one disc in the form of photos, video clips and music.


Produktserie Verbatim Archival Grade
Type DVD-R
Uttakbart lager / Antall inkluderte medier 25
Uttakbart lager / Innebygd kapasitet 4.7 GB
Harddisk og lagring
Uttakbart lager / Maks. skrivehastighet 8x