Kingpin Crown CES180-16:9

77in 16:9

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  • CES180-16:9


Kingpin's new Electric Screen is slimmed down in size but boosted up in design. The screen exits in the front of the cassette and not in the back like it used to be. This unique design makes it easier to fit the screen into the living- or meeting room. When winding the screen down, a wall-mounted screen leaves a space of 7 cm from the wall, enough to fit a painting or a white board on the wall behind it.The new wall-bracket system makes installation easy, both wall and ceiling fixture can be carried out by only one person.The gain value of the screen fabric is 1,0.Due to the tubular motor placed inside the axle pipe, the width of the cassette is only slightly more (11 cm) than the width of the screen itself. The end positions can be adjusted very easily and with great precision. Winding the screen down to its extreme length takes 15-30 seconds depending on model.


Bildeforhold 16:9
Størrelse i tommer 77 "
Bildeflate, bredde 170 cm
Bildeflate, høyde 96 cm
Lerretstørrelse, bredde 180 cm
Lerretstørrelse, høyde 161 cm
Lerretkvalitet Matt hvit
Lerretmateriale Glassfiberduk
Lerretbakside Svart
Sidemasking, over 40 cm
Sidemasking, sider 5 cm
Gain 1 x
Kan veggmonteres Ja
Kan takmonteres Ja
Dimensjoner (B x H x D) 191 cm x 10,3 cm x 9,7 cm
Kassettfarge Hvit
Kassettmateriale Aluminium
Medfølgende tilbehør
Fjernkontroll Ja
Veggfeste Ja
Takfeste Ja
Generell informasjon
Vekt 9 kg
Garantitid 2 år
Garantivilkår Returneringsservice