Ubiquiti AirMax Rocket M2

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Raske fakta

150 Mbps
General / Frequency Band
2.4 GHz
Trådløs protokoll


  • Integrated AirMax technology
  • Intelligent QoS - priority is given to voice/video for seamless access
  • Scalability - high capacity and scalability
  • Long distance - capable of high speed 50 km+ links
  • Latency - multiple features dramatically reduce noise
  • GPS synchronization
  • GPS signal reporting


  • No co-location interference
  • External GPS antenna - included weatherproof external GPS antenna (Rocket M GPS)
  • Channels re-use - frequency reuse for increased scalability
  • Easy installation


Rocket M is a rugged, hi-power, very linear 2 x 2 MIMO radio with enhanced receiver performance. It features incredible range performance and breakthrough speed.Rocket M combines the "brains" in one robust unit; it can be paired with your choice of AirMax BaseStation or Rocket Antennas. This versatility gives network architects unparalleled flexibility and convenience.


WLAN IEEE 802.11b/g, IEEE 802.11n
Frekvens 2.4 GHz
LAN-port (10/100 Mbps) (RJ-45) 2 stk
Generell informasjon
Vekt 500 g
Dimensjoner (H x B x D) 30 mm x 80 mm x 16 mm