HPE 636 1200mm Pallet Intelligent Series Rack

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The HP Intelligent Series Racks are the first server racks with built-in intelligence. HP Location Discovery Services available in HP Intelligent Series Rack enclosures sends the rack identification number and precise U location to the servers. This provides important location information to iLO and HP Insight Control Software along with server power and temperature data, allowing you to place workloads optimally. Using an Intelligent PDU combined with HP Platinum Plus 94% efficient common slot power supplies, HP Power Discovery Services eliminates power configuration errors and precisely tracks power usage by rack and by server, eliminating the need for manual power topology record keeping. The HP Intelligent Series Racks have an industry-leading door with 26% more open area compared to a leading rack vendor.


Racktype Gulv
Formfaktor Rack
Rackenheter 36 U
Innebygde vifter 0 stk
Lyddempet Nei
Maks vekt 1361 kg
Enhetsdimensjoner 19 "
Generell informasjon
Dimensjoner (B x H x D) 174,86 x 59,78 x 120 cm
Vekt 128 kg