Brodit Active Dock Holder with Tilt Swivel

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Holder with active dock. Keep your TomTom in the holder and it will be firmly in place within easy reach! You can attach for example a charging cable or a TMC cable to the holder. When you have attached the cable to the holder you do not have to connect it manually to the device each time you put the GPS in the holder. The enclosed cable can not be used for TMC.You can easily take the device with you when leaving the vehicle. The holder is equipped with a tilt swivel so it can be adjusted in order to avoid light reflection on the screen.


Produsent Brodit
Antall pakker 1
Modell Active Dock Holder with Tilt Swivel
Merke Brodit
Produktserie Brodit
Farge Svart
Product Type Charger/holder
CE-tilbehør / Beregnet på GPS-mottaker
Produkttype Lader/holder
CE-tilbehør / Passer for installasjon Til bil
Features Tilt, swivel function