Maclocks Compulocks Macbook Security Bracket

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The Lock Bracket Kit maximizes your Macbook's security and your peace of mind with the introduction of the Wedge Bracket Locking System for Apple's MacBook Air.A cutting-edge high-grade aerospace aluminum bracket, designed with the integrated "wedge" security slot.MacBook Air users now have an unobtrusive locking option that preserves and compliments the thin design of MacBook Air units.The super slim bracket along with its super light construction is secured to the bottom of the MacBook Air using the MacBook Air's four original screw holes.With the Maclock MBA Lock Bracket Kit in place you receive a seamless security solution that works to preserve the beauty and elegant design of your MacBook Air.The loop-ended security cable is made of galvanized steel and the cable can be looped around a stationary object. An anchor point can be added to your order where no stationary object is available or for a permanent locking station.


Produsent Maclocks
Produktserie Compulocks
Produkttype Sikkerhetskabellås
Farge Silver