Axis Camera Station Base Pack


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With the AXIS Camera Station installed on your Windows PC, you can monitor your cameras, and at the same time, record high quality, digital video either continuously or on schedule, alarm and/or motion detection. Application and camera based motion detection and intelligent, differentiated day and night settings optimize trigger levels. This reduces false alarms and improves sensitivity for event detection. Recorded incidents can easily be found for immediate action and multi-view playback displays the incident timeframe.Prevent shoplifting, secure your car park or schoolyard and monitor the back door - just a few examples that can make your investment pay off quickly.AXIS Camera Station is specially designed to be used with Axis video products and delivers superior results on a Windows PC. It offers stable operations and scalability with easy addition of camera licenses, and includes a free Web interface and Windows client for remote control.


Produsent Axis Communications
Merke Axis
Plattform Windows
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