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Multibrackets Duo Quick Release Plate

  • Lagerstatus: Bestillingsvare
  • Frakt fra: 99 kr
  • Artikkelnr.
  • 5010826377
  • Prod. art. nr.
  • 7350073730711


Double screens on your M VESA Gaslift Single with the M VESA 75 100 Duo Quick Release Plate. With this unique accessory your gas lift arm holds two displays at the same time.This duo holder consists of two VESA based centerpieces with a pre-mounted quick release connector that suits M VESA Gas Lift Arm series. With M VESA 75 100 Duo Quick Release you can have two screens attached to one gas lift arm, both with the unique quick release mounts so screens are ready to be exchanged if ever needed.The M VESA 75 100 Duo Quick Release Plate is its the name points out, VESA compatible, so it can be mounted onto almost any VESA specified screen with VESA standard 75 x 75 or 100 x 100.This item together with other products within the M VESA Gas Lift Arm series is very well suited for IT departments to standardize, thus minimizing downtime and increase staff productivity.


Produsent Multibrackets
Type of Accessories Mounting component
Product type Expansion
Max weight 8 *kg
Color Black
VESA-standard 75 x 75 mm, 100 x 100 mm
Maks. antall skjermer (horisontalt) 2 st
Maks. antall skjermer (vertikalt) 1 st
Min. skjermstørrelse 17 "
Maks. skjermstørrelse 23 "