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Today, businesses of all sizes struggle to create searchable data and editable content from unstructured source materials, like invoices, contracts and job applications. Many resort to inefficient and error-prone manual solutions, like rekeying, in order to get this information into their workflows.In less time than it takes to enter data manually, your organization can create searchable files or editable content using AccuRead OCR app. It installs easily on the MFP so you can use it within other Lexmark applications like Scan to Email, Scan to Network and Scan to Network Premium. Your OCR documents can also be integrated into more complex routing scenarios when combined with Lexmark Solution Composer.There's no need for desktop applications or complex server-based software. This embedded app helps you easily find the unstructured digital information you need - at the moment you need it - by creating searchable PDFs that speed up the search process.


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