Zyxel E-Icard 1YR Cont Filter/as/av/IDP Lic - USG40 & USG40w

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Raske fakta

ZyXEL Communications


  • Native customizable Content Filtering (allows for blocking and allowing lists) for URL and keyword blocking
  • Dynamic filtering engine allows for fast and accurate detection
  • Real time URL rating
  • Reporting
  • Covers major global languages


ZyXEL Content Filtering allows administrators to easily block certain types of web content without having to manually block each URL individually. Block inappropriate sites and social networking sites quickly and easily.ZyXEL Anti-Virus is the first line of defense to protect your internal network against zero-day attacks and the most active viruses in the wild list. ZyXEL AV is also ICSA certified by ICSA Labs - the security industry's central anti-virus product testing and certification facility. ZyXEL AV currently supports 8,200 virus signatures while Kaspersky supports 3,200 signatures. Gateway Anti Virus is not a direct replacement for client anti-virus since client AV can detect many more virus signatures, especially older ones that are not on the top wild list. In addition, gateway anti-virus cannot "repair" a PC once it has been infected, which usually happens from the internal network. The USG AV provides an additional layer of defense against latest threats, buying valuable time for software clients to be updated to an appropriate protection level.Anti-spam service protects against spam, phishing and virus-laden emails. The extremely high performance technology comes from the unique recurrent pattern detection (RPD) mechanism that possesses its superior capability through analyzing millions of new patterns each day (24x7x365) to block all the associated messages real-time. In addition, the ZyWALL USG applies sender-based IP reputation to remove over 80% of unwanted mails and to take advantage of the zero-hour virus outbreak protection feature, which is capable of blocking or delaying suspicious messages hours before commercial anti-virus signatures are available.


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