Microsoft Azure Storage

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  • An operating system as an online service
  • A relational database in the cloud
  • Connections without boundaries
  • Scalability and elasticity to handle changing workloads - and the unexpected
  • Secure and reliable storage


For a government agency determined to meet its objectives in the face of tight budgets and infrastructure limitations, on-demand cloud technology gives you flexibility that can help you transform your IT infrastructure, so you can accomplish more with less. Cloud computing - employing remotely hosted servers, data centers, and applications - can help relieve your agency of the costly burden of owning and maintaining hardware and some software, so you can focus on your mission and connect constituents more easily with your online services.The Windows Azure platform is a set of cloud services and technologies - Windows Azure, Microsoft SQL Azure, AppFabric, and the Windows Azure Marketplace - that your developers can use to more efficiently create web services, manage data, and even increase your agency's Open Gov transparency. Scalability and automated application deployment and management, combined with a consistent, familiar user experience across devices (including mobile), can mean faster distribution and reduced IT costs.


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