Herma Etiketter Outdoor 45,7 x 21,2mm A4 10-Ark

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Raske fakta

Label Width
45.7 *mm
Label Height
21.2 *mm
Label Quality


  • Weatherproof labels made of white, matte polyethylene film, self-adhesive
  • Ideal for outdoor applications and exposure to harsh conditions: identification labels, adhesive signs for display windows, information and warning signs, identification of items in storage and production facilities
  • Powerful adhesion, even on critical surfaces
  • Weatherproof, stretchable, resistant to ageing and UV light, oil and dirt repellent, wet wipeable, saltwater-resistant
  • For laser printers, copiers, color laser printers and color copiers


Label Specification
Label Quality Matte
Type of Adhesive Permanent
Label Material Polyester Film
Label Type Sheet
Produsent HERMA
Label Size
Label Width 45.7 *mm
Label Height 21.2 *mm
Numbers of Sheets 10 *pcs
Medietype Matte utendørs selvklebende polyetylenfilmetiketter
Utskriftsteknologi Laser
Funksjoner Oljebestandig, Værbestandig, Runde hjørner, Smussbestandig, Slitebestandig, Saltvannsbestandig