HPE VMware vCenter Chargeback

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  • Improve resource utilization by gaining accurate visibility into the true costs of virtualized workloads
  • Enable line-of-business owners to have full transparency and accountability for self-service resource requests
  • Model infrastructure costs in a flexible way that fits organizational processes and policies
  • Gain accurate visibility over virtualization costs
  • Enable the delivery of IT as a service
  • A Chargeback hierarchy makes it easy to manage Chargeback models
  • Report infrastructure costs accurately


  • Flexible cost accounting allows costs to be captured accurately


VMware vCenter Chargeback enables accurate cost measurement, analysis, and reporting of virtual machines. With vCenter Chargeback, line-of-business owners and IT teams can gain visibility into the actual cost of the virtual infrastructure required to support business services. vCenter Chargeback provides the ability to map IT costs to business units, cost centers, or external customers - enabling a better understanding of how much resources cost and what can be done to optimize resource utilization. vCenter Chargeback also allows organizations to support policy-driven accountability for self-service environments so that business owners can "pay as they go" for IT resources.


Produsent HP
Plattform Windows
Programvare / Buntet-støtte 3 års 24x7 støtte
Kategori Verktøy
Lisenskategori Lisens
Antall lisenser 25 VMs
Lisenstype Lisens
Underkategori Hjelpeprogrammer - virtuelliseringsstyring
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