Belkin USB Active Extension Cable USB-forlengelseskabel

USB typ A Hann USB Type A Hunn USB / USB 2.0 5m

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  • Artikkelnr.
  • 5010961847
  • Prod. art. nr.
  • F3U130CP4.8M


The USB Active Extension Cable from Belkin ensures you get the best performance and maximum data integrity when you transfer information between your computer and devices. It uses active electronics to sustain your data signal, so you can connect a peripheral to your PC from an extra 16 feet away. Standard (passive) USB extension cable connections can cause significant data loss over distances of more than 16 feet. With the Belkin USB Active Extension Cable, you can connect up to four of these cables in a series along with a device cable for a total operating distance of up to 80 feet.


Kontakttype venstre USB typ A
Type for venstrekontakt Hann
Kontakttype høyre USB Type A
Type for høyrekontakt Hunn
Tilpassede standarder USB / USB 2.0
Kabeltype USB-forlengelseskabel
Teknologi Skjermet
Størrelser og vekt
Lengde 5 m
Service og støtte
Service & support Begrenset livstidsgaranti