HPE Ultrium Non-Custom Labeled Data Cartridge

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Ultrium 4


  • Manual labeling is a slow, laborious, error-prone process, with custom labeled media, IT staff no longer has to waste hours peeling, sticking and attaching barcode labels to individual cartridges
  • HP barcode labels use Tri-Optic products to produce labels that will not peel, distort, reflect or fade
  • RFID non-custom labels: operational efficiencies as a result of bulk reading of media and line of sight reading not being necessary
  • RFID non-custom labels: increases the real time visibility of media so the datacenter can quickly recognize a missing tape and thus reduce a chance of data breaches which can incur heavy fines and brand damage
  • Each 20-pack of labeled tapes follows a sequence for ease of use: predetermined by HP and guaranteed to be unique no codes are ever repeated
  • RFID non-custom label: provides strong ROI as a result of operational efficiencies


HP's Custom Labeled Data Cartridges allow customers to place a custom order with HP and specifically define the exact barcode sequence printed on each label. Customers should expect a longer lead-time for custom order processing.HP's Non-Custom Labeled Data Cartridges allow customers to receive labeled data cartridges fast because no customization process is required. These products are perfect for customers that require labeled media but do not need to define the exact sequence printed on each label. Each HP Non-Custom Labeled Data Cartridge has a unique, pre-defined barcode sequence printed on each label (no duplicate codes).


Lagermedie / Båndpatron Ultrium 4
Lagermedie / Medieunderkategori Båndpatroner
Uttakbart lager / Komprimert Kapasitet 1638.4 GB
Uttakbart lager / Antall inkluderte medier 20
Uttakbart lager / Innebygd kapasitet 800 GB
Harddisk og lagring
Uttakbart lager / Båndlengde 820 m
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Type LTO Ultrium
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