Matrox Extio F2208

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  • XTO2-F2208F

Raske fakta

Matrox Graphics


  • High performance, zero compression KVM optical
  • Independent and stretched mode support
  • Clone multiple displays in two separate remote locations across two fiber-optic cables
  • Fiber-optic connection allows raw, uncompressed data to travel between the remote host system and the user-side Extio F2208 appliance
  • Designed for process control rooms, dispatch centers, and other mission-critical environments
  • BIOS level keyboard support enables basic keyboard functionality and access to the system BIOS directly
  • Wake from sleep/standby by pressing any keyboard key with select systems


  • Passive cooling for silent operation and extra reliability


Matrox Extio F2208 is a point-to-point, KVM extension solution that uses fiber-optic cable to separate the keyboard, mouse, USB, audio peripherals and up to 2 displays from the rest of the computer. Equipped with the Matrox KVM technology, the Extio F2208 extends the bus via a PCIe bus interface card while the fiber-optical connection guarantees performance - eliminating hidden/dropped frames, data latency, and artifacts as seen with compression-based solutions.


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Garanti 2 år
Dimensjoner (B x D x H) 299,7 mm x 147,3 mm x 29,2 mm