HPE PremierFlex

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Provide more robust and reliable data transfer, due to their lower sensitivity to sharp bends, which can reduce downtime and operating expense.Fiber optic cable routing can result in 90° bends, cables caught in cabinet doors and kinks. Data loss and transmission errors resulting from these common problems are difficult to troubleshoot, expensive, and increase downtime. HP PremierFlex bendable fiber optic cables solve these problems by providing up to 10 times better bend performance than existing fiber cables.HP's PremierFlex cables use a bendable fiber technology that significantly improves bend performance over existing fiber cables. This, combined with improvements in fiber clarity and bandwidth, allows HP PremierFlex cables to transmit data over longer distances, at higher rates, with fewer transmission errors.


Produsent HP
Tilpassede standarder OM4
Type for venstrekontakt Hann
Kontakttype venstre LC multimodus
Type for høyrekontakt Hann
Kontakttype høyre LC MultiMode
Teknologi Fiberoptisk
Fiberoptikktype Multimodus
Nettverkkabeltype Nettverkkabel
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