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Dell LTO Ultrium x 1

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  • 5010747931
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  • 440-10494


Many causes of recording or read errors are temporary and can be corrected by cleaning the tape drive. Regular tape drive cleaning helps in long-term reliability and should be conducted on a scheduled cycle as well as when requested by the drive. This 440-10494 cartridge uses the dry process cleaning method which does not involve any flammable materials and provides a clean recording gap with each use. It is specifically designed to work with all LTO Ultrium tape drives.


Produsent Dell
Antall pakker 1
Type Cleaning cartridge - LTO Ultrium
Lagermedie / Medieunderkategori Båndpatroner
Produkttype Rensekassett
Antall inkluderte medier 1
Type LTO Ultrium