Symantec Messaging Gateway ( v. 10.6 )

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  • Anti-spam gateway blocks more than 99% of spam with less than one in 1 million false positives and real-time automatic updates
  • Antispam filtering engine powered by Brightmail - a set of technologies that identify email borne threats based on reputation on both the global and local level
  • Strong data loss prevention capabilities ensure customers stay in regulatory compliance
  • Customer-specific rules allow customers to easily create rules based on email they consider to be spam or on potentially targeted attacks
  • Protects sensitive client data and valuable confidential information, with the ability to fingerprint and identify actual company data within messages or attachments
  • Protects company reputation and manages risks associated with data loss, internal governance, and regulatory compliance
  • Includes a dashboard, summary reports, and detailed reports demonstrating the efficacy and impact of anti-spam gateway while proactively highlighting threat trends and potential compliance issues


  • Reduces administrative costs by removing the complexity of multiple consoles, disparate policies, and incompatible logging and reporting, while demonstrating efficacy and impact of messaging security


Symantec Messaging Gateway enables organizations to secure their email and productivity infrastructure with effective and accurate real-time antispam and antimalware protection, targeted attack protection, advanced content filtering, data loss prevention, and email encryption. Messaging Gateway is simple to administer and catches more than 99% of spam with less than one in a million false positives. Defend your email perimeter, and quickly respond to messaging threats with this market leading messaging security solution.


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Versjon 10.6