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Usually we recommend that the Planner be connected to a specific Team, and then add the user as a guest to that Team. This is a generic answer, without knowing the specifics of your situation or tenant. If you are interested, we would like to offer to contact you, and discuss this in further detail.

What file types will Safe Attachments detonate? Safe attachments will analyze attachments that are common targets for malicious content, such as Office documents, PDFs, executable file types, and Flash files.

You can export/download them to a mp4 file. After your meeting you get a link to download.

No, you will also get a notification when receiving an @-mention. But it can be beneficial if you need a total overview, at a later point. But you will receive a notification when your "@” is mentioned.

Yes. Also, if you are interested, we can also contact you for a more personal presentation. We often come out and have a talk with organizations interested in either beginning their digitalization journey, or who have begun theirs, but have questions to future steps. Would you be interested in us contacting you for a talk about this?

As mentioned in the webinar, we recommend you use the client version of Teams, as well as the browser version. If you need to login with a different customer account, you could do it “In Private / Incognito window” or use a third-party application like Rambox or Franz with limited capabilities.

No, video backgrounds are currently not supported. Currently, blurred backgrounds and 24 preset backgrounds are already available. You can also, if you are a bit tech savy, supply your own background graphic. This will be made more accessible soon as well (ETA: May).

There are a variety of things that can be done. There is a QoS available, as well as the possibility of managing the media bit rate via policies. Which one that should be applied, depends on the situation. Feel free to contact us if you want help.

It really depends on the circumstances in which you would like to schedule a new meeting. If this is a meeting with a group of participants from a specific Team, it is possible to invite the entire team from the Team itself.

Unfortunately, we don't have the specifics on how the 3x3 video feed will work in detail - those details are not yet available from Microsoft. There are however other options, 'pinning' the video's you wish to follow being one of them.

This new functionality is not yet available. The current ETA on this functionality is April/May - so we are expecting May.

To be able to do this, your organization needs to open up for external sharing/participating in Teams. When this is done, you can enter the participant’s email address. The use can now participate in the Teams meeting, regardless of having Teams themselves.

Yes. You can mute the ones you prefer to mute (as well as mute all).

At present time, it is not possible to "mute" video.

Apps in Teams are ‘connectors’ that open the possibility of retrieving information and data from 3rd party applications, into the Teams workspace experience. Examples of such connectors are Salesforce, Twitter, Dropbox, Google services, Office 365 and more.

This is something we expect to go a bit further into detail within our upcoming Webinars. So, stayed tuned.

Yes, Teams is included in the E3 license.

Yes, the webinar is conducting "Microsoft Live Meetings", which is a type of meeting in Microsoft Teams.