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Generation X (Age 37-52) and Generation Z (Age X – 21).

Yes, you can.

No, you can create it from every teams app.

If I understand correct, yes from your office 365 portal you can see "Whiteboard" as a separate app. We covered this in our first webinar, feel free to check that out.

It is possible for attendees to see the ppt and the presenter at the same time in "normal" meetings, but the feature looks different in a live event.

You can add apps from a variety of different places within Teams. From Chat, Tabs, Left Navigation, you have access to add apps from the app catalogue.

It isn't possible to altercate the planner view in that way, at the moment. We suggest that you export the plan into Excel, where you will have more options to work with e.g. due date.

Yes, you can, https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/add-members-to-a-team-in-teams-aff2249d-b456-4bc3-81e7-52327b6b38e9

Today no but Microsoft is working on it. https://microsoftteams.uservoice.com/forums/555103-public/suggestions/35000044-introduce-breakout-room-functionality

Setting that effect the SharePoint site from Teams will be created, but settings that have been created within SharePoint will not follow. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/get-started-with-teams-templates

By inviting people from a channel/Team using the Meet-now feature, you can choose between two different invitations. If you choose to start-up the meeting immediately, you (the initiator) will be entered a meeting room, alone. However, all members of the channel will be suggested participants in the right participant panel. Now if you choose to 'Schedule a meeting' using the 'meet now" feature, you will create a future channel meeting, but the members will not automatically be invited. However, the meeting invite will be posted in the channel chat, for all to see.

If the files have been encrypted it will be sync as encrypted. The version history of the file could also be affected so for that reason office 365 backup could help you. Dustin can tell you more about it if you want.

Correct. The organizer can, in addition, choose to shut down the video and/or audio, as well.

The Who-Bot application is ready to use without configuration. However, the first time using Who-bot, the user will be asked for permission to search on the user’s behalf. Once this is done, it is open to use.

Yes, it is possible to mute meeting participants (School children) at will.

Yes, it is possible to invite external users to a Team as a guest. This was covered in our first webinar - feel free to check that out.

Right now, transcription is only available in English.

Although this sounds like a very useful feature, we have not heard that it is in the pipeline to be released. It is possible to give your suggestions and feedback to Microsoft, thru their User Voice site. Here is a link: https://microsoftteams.uservoice.com/

Yes, there are several ways to solve this. You could link to the specific document via a Tab in a Teams Channel, or link to the entire document library.

Of course, you may. This is something we also have been interested in obtaining, but we have not heard that it is in the pipeline to be released. We suggest that you give your suggestions and feedback to Microsoft regarding this feature, thru their User Voice site. Here is a link: https://microsoftteams.uservoice.com/

It finds data regarding users from delve, but descriptions, I believe is not one of them.

No, not that we are aware of or advise our clients to use. However, Microsoft is currently working on an exciting project called 'Project Cortex'. It will help redefine the way we work with key words and knowledge in general. Stay tuned for a future Dustin webinar regarding this interesting project.

True, July 31st, 2021 Skype for Business will be retired.

No, the team does not need to be private. However, members in private channels also need to be a member of the team. By doing so, they can see all channels that are not private. So, what you need to do in a situation as you describe, is have all the channels be private. By doing this, you can exclude the external user from the channels you don't want them to be a part of - and add them to the ones you want him to have access to.

Notification in Teams, works a bit differently than in Skype. If a user is mentioned by using the @ sign and your name., the user will get a notification like the one in Skype. Notifications can also be edited in your settings in Teams.

Yes, 720p is the limit today.

Yes, but the user also needs to have the rights to create a team. By default, everyone in an organization can create teams, however we advise, and some organizations have chosen, to modify it so that only a subset of users can create a Team.