Give your hybrid cloud the foundation of intelligence with HPE ProLiant

Get unmatched server automation, security, and optimization—now available as-a-service—to establish a solid foundation for an open, hybrid cloud experience.

By 2021, at least 75% of large and global organizations will implement a multicloud-capable hybrid integration platform, up from less than 25% in 2018, the time for implementation is now.

Workload optimization

Workload matching

Preconfigured, user-selectable profiles automatically optimize BIOS setting combinations to precisely match server resources to your workload requirements.

Workload Performance Advisor

Real-time operational feedback on server performance and recommendations for fine-tuning BIOS settings for your changing business needs.

Build your cloud 5X faster with HPE automation tools

Create platform-as-a-service environments ready for migration to cloud services in just 30 minutes

Accelerate VDI end-user experience with 10X faster Citrix® logins

Run SAP® solutions up to 400%faster

Intelligent automation

HPE InfoSight

Provides continual AI-driven insight to server operations predicting and preventing problems before IT operations are impacted.


increase in IT staff efficiency


higher user productivity

360 Degree Security

Secure supply chain

Corruption-free manufacturing and auditing components integrity

Silicon Root of Trust

Anchors the HPE ProLiant firmware to an exclusive ASIC, creating an immutable fingerprint that must exactly match before the server boots

One-button secure erase

Speeds and simplifies the complete removal of passwords, configuration settings, and data when retiring or repurposing the server

Acquire and consume it as-a-service

HPE GreenLake

Pay-per-use IT consumption on-premises with real-time tracking and metering of resource usage

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Introducing HPE ProLiant rack servers with Milan (zen3)

Low-cost performance solution

1U, 1P HPE ProLiant DL325

VDI (cost optimized)

  • Cost optimized
  • Shorter depth chassis (<25.5")

Storage-optimized solution

2U, 1P HPE ProLiant DL345


  • Large storage capacity
  • Front end serviceability
  • 5 Rome processors qualified Rear drives

Rack-optimized dense solution

1U, 2P HPE ProLiant DL365

VDI (performance optimized)

  • Front-end serviceability
  • 5 Rome processors qualified No LFF support

Accelerator-optimized solution

2U, 2P HPE ProLiant DL385

ML, big data analytics

  • Max GPU support
  • Memory footprint
  • Mid-tray support
  • Rear drives

Introducing HPE ProLiant servers with Ice Lake

Low-density performance solution

1U, 2P HPE ProLiant DL360

Virtualization / Containers

  • Improved NVMe Support
  • PCIe Gen4
  • 8 DIMMs/Channel – 16/CPU
  • ~2x Storage Performance

Maximum expandability

2U, 2P HPE ProLiant DL380

The Gold Standard

  • Increase Storage Capacity
  • PCIe Gen4
  • 8 DIMMs/Ch – 16/CPU
  • ~2x Storage Performance

Use case optimized

1U, 1P HPE ProLiant DL110

Telco vRAN / cRAN

  • Targeted ProLiant for Telco WL
  • 4x x16 I/O slots (1xOCP)
  • 8 DIMMs/Channel – 8 Max
  • Front-cabled
  • NEBS Level 3

Software defined optimized

Blade 2P HPE Synergy SY480

Composable Infra

  • PCIe Gen4
  • 8 DIMMs/Channel – 16/CPU
  • Mid-tray support
  • New Drive Deployment Options

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